Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look at this guy!

My lack of activity here and here over the past few months has been a combination of work related activities and the preparation/arrival of this guy.  Meet Oliver!

He is happy and chubby just like he should be.  This has lead to a happy and chubby father as seen below:

(been working on some new tattoos too)

I will take the extra weight for the time being if it means I get to hang with my number one 'bro'.  

I have been working an inordinate amount of hours at the store since november.  It seems we have become on of the premier catering providers for Mizzou and some other places around town.  Its good for business but makes it really difficult for me to spend a lot of time away from the store.  I originally took the chef job at Hy-Vee to stop working crazy hours, but now that I am catering manager I find myself right back in the hamster wheel.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to have a job, dont get me wrong, but am wondering if I am really maximizing my potential as of late.  I have such a creative itch that is not being 'scratched' that I find myself taking some adult ed classes to freshen up my knowledge of graphic design programs I havent used for the last couple years.  Its funny how the simple act of sitting down and editing photos or messing around and making a Mr. Potato Head in photoshop have rekindled the fire that lead me to art school.

I wonder if there is something out there where I could better utilize my skills (and degree).  I have been looking and putting feelers in different places, but no luck yet.  I am going to keep up with it though and soon enough I will find someplace that needs an artist/chef who used to dabble in carpentry to fill the space they have.

At any rate I could not be more enthused about the arrival of my boy!  He and mom are doing well and my days are truly brightened by their presence.

Monday, November 14, 2011

everyday lately at work....

(if you are wondering, i am the little guy doing the backflip)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

roots and blues 10k this weekend!

I will be running my second event of the summer on Saturday.  The first was the Jay Dix run back in April/May (cant remember off the top of my head).  After a long summer I am ready to go out and run this 10k for the Roots'n'Blues BBQ fest here in town.  I have been putting in some miles each week (16-20) and am in shape for the distance.  That being said I am nowhere near as fast as I used to be, but that is not as big a deal right now.  I plan to go out, run my race and have a good time.  Sam is going to walk the course and if she gets too tired, she plans to call me and I will pick her  (and Oliver) up along the course.  Whatever way the event goes it will be fun and a nice Saturday spent with fellow runners and my family - which I dont get to do very often right now.

(these will carry me this weekend, surprisingly good running shoe I have found)

I have been taking a lot of sunrise shots as of late.  It is kind of the silver lining in my workday.

I do still make some tasty things (like these dark chocolate truffles) even though my other blog is sadly past due.  I plan to change that as this week I have been off and making chili, omelets, and portabello mushroom strudel.  Look for the updates to come... eventually.

Good luck to anyone else out there running the race this weekend, or any other race for that matter.  I would be happy to accept any tips for training for a 1/2 marathon too.  It is my next challenge.